About Kathy

Looking to Reclaim Your Health?? I've been there.

In 2017, my life plunged into crisis mode. Panic took hold as I faced a sickening reality, my mind consumed by fear. Retirement, once a near horizon, now felt distant. Two years remained, but my health was deteriorated swiftly.

Strange symptoms emerged: fading memory, pounding headaches, relentless migraines, aching jaws, ear pain, muscle spasms, major discomfort across my body, digestive issues, and muscle and joint agony. The medical world had no answers. I thought stress was breaking me, but I persisted, like most of us do.

Then came an even stranger sensation – a trembling, a buzzing that surged through me. My nerves seemed to be in overdrive, like my

body felt like it was in panic mode all the time but my mind knew I wasn't. The pain became unbearable, forcing me to take a break from life including my career.

Lost in a sea of medical confusion, I focused on finding natural solutions to support me. I found a glimmer of hope. As I stopped all other modes of support and healing, I started the supplements Lifelong Vitality Pack by doTERRA. Amazed that within weeks, some of my symptoms eased. Sleep returned after a long absence, and daytime fatigue vanished. Even the full body discomfort was reduced. doTERRA became my lifeline.

Months passed as I kept bringing essential oils into my everyday life. Armed with these gifts of nature, I took charge of my health. I knew that nobody else was going to do it for me.

My mission now is to empower others, offering an opportunity to take charge of their health. Imagine, armed with natural solutions and being able to support your body with the gift of nature.

As they saying goes...

If you don't take care of your wellness, you'll be taking care of your illness

I learned that the hard way and I don't want you to.

Embrace change, reclaim your well-being, and I'll be there to guide you. Navigate this journey, and let transformation unfold.